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Sonic.ERX Rework - Corrupted Sonic Collection CREEPYPASTA
I forgot to mention in the video that I replaced Green Hill Music in the edition due to false copyright claims again. So forgive me for the weird sound effec...

Sonic.exe First Blood: PC Port
Game by: @Minimique

#sonicexe #exe #sonic

Sonic.exe First Blood: PC Port - Sonic PC PORT But Its Shadow!
The best thing about the game is the voice acting tbhShout out to Luigikid cuz i saw the game on his channel!Buy Membership pls ♡

Sonic.exe: Play With Me [0.7 Version]
Game by: @DollFan_2991

#sonicexe #exe #creepypasta

Sonic.exe: Play With Me - A Very LOUD Game [Demo 0.7]
Warning Headphone Users! I decreased the volume a bit in the edition, but it's still very loud, so be careful lolThere also may be flashing images so be care...

2017 subterfuge hedgehog sketch what

#sonicexe #2017X #fanart #sonicthehedgehog