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2 months ago

🚨Sonic and Mario are leaving the Shop soon.🚨

Get these packs while you can!



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A New Door on Our Advent Calendar Has Opened!

Day 2's Creator is @Beesechurger_73 !

Each day this month, you'll get a new quest to follow a Creator. Complete it to get stickers that Creator put in the Calendar!

Each quest lasts a day so do it on the reg!

Want to Submit Your Stickers to Game Jolt's Joltiday Creator Calendar? You're running low on time. You only have until November 17th to submit. (That's this Friday!)

(Check the article for more deets.)

Calling all Creators! Your time to submit to the Game Jolt Joltiday Creator Calendar is running low.

Today is your last day to submit stickers!

"Mario where is the lamb sauc--"

🚨Vending Vance Has Updated the Shop!🚨

Mario and Sonic packs have entered the Shop!

Get 'em while you can! They'll leave the Shop on November 15th.

🎮 Console & Gadgets Collectibles Are Here! 🎮

This collection includes stickers, backgrounds, and avatar frames inspired by our favorite tech.

You can see them all in the article!

Game Jolt is giving 50,000 Joltbux to 4 lucky winners this Joltiday season.

Complete the quest "Enter Our Joltidays Giveaway" to enter to win. Start working on it right away!

Plus, it's a great time to support Creators by buying items in their Shops.

Creators have taken over the SHOP!

Browse and shop their shops from your backpack. Every purchase counts towards supporting creators + empowering them to keep creating! 🛍️


You know Sonic the hedgehog? 😀

#sonicthehedgehog #sega #sonic #sonicfanart

Happy 12th Anniversary, Minecraft!

The game's first full release was Nov. 18, 2011.

We're celebrating this landmark anniversary by giving out copies of Minecraft: The Official Pop-Up from our friends at @InsightEditions !

Read the article for more info!