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Ellie is the central character of The Last of Us series. According to GLAAD, she's the first lesbian to ever headline a AAA game (and the first to headline multiple!) When she comes out to Joel, he supports her and even defends her from a homophobe.

Summer Game Fest was wild!

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Redraw 2021-2024

I tried to stay as close to the original as possible, tho I did change a few things

The background in the old version is a crime, I should've been executed.

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recent commissions 1.  beatrice and conductor pebbles (for @SteelmaticDragon ) 2. kris dressed as 2d from gorillaz (for alberodg)

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Zagreus is the Prince of the Underworld and the protagonist of Hades. GLAAD has heralded him as a "bicon" and character with rarely-seen "depth, originality, and authenticity."

Margin of the Strange! My Fanart and Submission for the Art Contest they're holding c:

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