Five Nights at Sonic’s: Discord Collection

2 months ago

we be cookin!

(extras menu in fnas 1 dme recoded is almost done)

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Next up

some screenshots i took while playing the unfinished build of fnas 1 shiny edition (aka fnas 1 mobius)

office scrolling and lights in fnas 2 dme are done

she be moving

Our friends at @steelwoolstudios released Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted four years ago today! What do you 💖 about Help Wanted? Tell us in the comments!

I See You... (Teaser)

(Models By: @BlueJam & HunnyBunCreator I Just Edited Them)

Bondee's Barnyard: Goodnight

Wanna Spend The Night at My Pizzeria?

added an image for sonic onto the game page!

fun fact: the reason discord mode sonic's and discord mode tails' eyelids and eyelashes are blue and yellow is because they both have has makeup on