1 month ago

We're always looking forward to where we want to be & how far away we are from our goals or our dreams but don't forget to look back at how much you've already achieved & be proud of that



Next up

Sebby made a tiny baby friend 😅👶

Sebby has learned to sit up all by himself

🥹 They grow up so fast!

Today I'm looking after my Niece, Nephew, Daughter & Son 😅


Help me! 😂

don't make my mistake when you look at an eclipse

Just a couple of "e-boys" going hunting for some Spooks to capture on video! 👻📹😨 #ContentWarning @Jamiesauce12 @Rapskilian

🎞️ https://youtu.be/nTileR0Gkb4

Our Intergalactic Party was out of this world!

This video is the next best thing to having been there.

The Fifine Ampligame AM6, has a BUNCH of features built into such a low cost microphone! 🎙️ Let's take a look at it! 🎞️ https://youtu.be/HfSaj50Wzzw

Some sad news today 😢 My family dog 'Patch' has passed away here's some cute photos of her ❤️

She was old & we knew it was coming soon but today she was sadly put down, at least shes not in pain or discomfort.

My partner loves Lego and Batman (especially Grant Morrison Batman) so I made him a giant Lego Batman figure birthday cake! Made his limbs out of Rice Krispie treats because Richard prefers that to cake

I got a WHOLE BUNCH Quest 3 accessories! So let's check em out!