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I bought some horse hair from Etsy, two bundles. These are cut in half and affixed to the Killmonger Dogon.

And then there were two. Let’s knock this out this week! I need room in here.

WIP Black Panther - Erik Killmonger Dogon Mask

Doom updates if your are interested. You guessed it, more sanding. I have some big blending things I want to fix before the detail sanding then paint.

Finally a break from work. In the paint booth today, still catching up from the week. I hope to get everyone replied to while I wait on coats to dry. In the meantime, here is Kano’s Cybernetic Eye beginning the paint process. Thanks all! :)

I've been working on making my own retro gaming controller from scratch. It's been taking months so far. Finally got to a point where the initial design is finished!

More info in the article about what I'm actually trying to do with it: