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Just a quick update. Please read below!

You guys remember when I announced the mobile version of the game? Well, I tested it and It crashed 14 times, and didn't work, so, sorry, no mobile version sadly:(

Teegan's Tacoria will be receiving it's (I think)

final update! Here's what's to come:

I upgraded my community.

Join if you want to talk Fnaf, make games and many more. The Savage Fnaf Community (SFG) is just for you. And if you need help in publishing games, join the communities and firesides.

Join me and my friend.

My wishes finally came true! Someone made a let's play!

Make sure to sub to the person who made it and also upload your own let's play to further boost the game!

teegans tacoria night 2 gameplay + camera glitch
moving into pc/vr gameplay cause i just got obsso may aswell promote my friends game