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Which one do you think is better?

Or is it neither?

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What in the world... Was that me as my MVK (Harric.MVK). Something wrong or not. Finally prepear of inside of this chest right behind of. So he might be went out and pay for them. Then vote one of this poll which 2 winners instead of 1. Just Vote it!

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GAME OVER (Undertale Last/Bloody Breath Phase 4) & InsanityInsanity!Sans (InsanityTale: The Broken Mind) had tied about this vote. so Round 2 is gonna be interested as hell.

Poll start's in until 12:00 PM.

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I'll take that about Epic!Sans - 3Epic!Sans. Also Another Bonus Appearence. I finally know about this. Speed round time, I forgot. 4 Polls insetad of 5. This will be only 1 pick who won. Is this right? Find out soon. Start's with 15 minutes!

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Welp, I deserved this, Nightmare!Sans is finished. Forgot something: 2*Nightmare!Sans is actual a Bonus AU. I will give 5 Votes for using this pool (this is gonna take a 5 Hours Shortly)... Get Ready, because Speed round time!

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