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Caketastic Tales OST,

just a little gift for @CaketasticCakes !, joe's song comin soon :3

On my stream, @CaketasticCakes son played my gartic phone, and he draw a cowboy frog, I want everyone to make a fanart of jet's son and post it on her community, and do this hashtag #cowboyfrog.

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Artwork Needed!

Santa Cake pfp & Christmas movie trivia (replay link)

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Cake Suggestions

Tell me what you want to see made! Also ❤️ suggestions of others so I know the most popular ideas.



Your art, your style! Digital or Paper, Drawings or Sculptures, ANY creation you make. Share it here! I love to see your artwork and my community is typically very positive and supportive!


IRL Foods You Made

Who doesn’t like food and desserts? Make something in real life and show it off! The more you make the better you’ll get!



Because …. why not?!?

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