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I am doing better! I've just started doing tiny bits of work when possible, minding my limits.

I started migrating my Unreal Engine work to plugins! Building my "SKYHI Framework". Finding my flow with Unreal finally.

I've decided this game needs more baking time in the oven, atm, the game is a bug terrarium. Trust me, the delay will be worth it. I don't feel like making the same mistake CD Projekt Red did

Hello everyone! I am a 14 year old indie developer and I made my game on Unreal Engine 5. This is a demo version of a game called Escape the Walls. It is a survival horror game. I will be very happy if you download my game. And like it. Bye

I made custom themes for ue5 and made the editor look like sh#t

Honey & Light theme

I know everyone will hate me now.

And that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

An Update On Crawlspace: Flat-Mode