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After the switching from UE4 to UE5 i really start to love Nanite. It is just crazy what you can do if you dont have a poly limit for your models. But it is also time consuming as hell.


I added a dash move to BattleJuice Alchemist! To me it is a lot of fun to use and adds another layer of depth to combat. More in the latest DevLog here:

Hello, we are starting to develop a new game with the whole team, the game will be a shooter, the game will be called "Shoot Head", if you want to help our team with the development of the game, write in the comments, I will answer


After short and needed rest, we can share our contribution to this jam.
I can't deny that our main inspiration was the name of jam, thus we wanted to make something that would bring people together.
Hope you guys will like it! :)

First Strike is out ! I invite you to test it and give me feedback so I can improve it :)!

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