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I'm trying out this art style (desc.)

(I drew this at like 2am, don't judge it too harshly)


How do u like it?

Guys, I'm sorry for my lack of attendance, I'm kind of busy, but in compensation I'm doing a new animation, halloween special!! colorful this time

50 followers and 2000 likes in less than 2 days!! You guys are amazing.. 🥺💙

Happy Undertale Birthday!

New PFP!!



Hope you like it ^w^

(I was able to get wifi long enough to draft these)

Welcome to my community!

I made this to celebrate hitting 100 followers!

Feel free to post any and all artwork in the Art channel. I will feature my favorites!


-Be nice

-Stay SFW

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-Don't feature every single post

-Only feature your own post if it gets featured on at least one other community (bc that's what I do)

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