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This is the very first draw I made of Frothy when I finished his design a looong time ago, what do you guys think?

He's a cute little boi :3

Bondee's Barnyard fannart

Fangame by @Otis_Le_PoOtis

#fannart #art #fnaf #fangame #bondeesbarnyard

Fancy Brumas

Sometimes it's a good idea to change your look

#furry #furryart #art #oc

Decided to draw Daffy Duck today because drawing birds isn’t my strong suit, and I think he’s pretty cool

(Don’t ask why I gave him boxing gloves, he just looks good with them)

I don't have enough money to buy a professional simracing set so I create my own Simracing homemade set (and it actually works lmao, if you don't believe me here's the prove: