Have Some Fucking Patience Mate

Any one whats there own fan art ? ? ? (:D

Havn't modeled any fnaf animatronics for a while so here is my work in WIP 1 of a withered freddy!

Another OC ref sheet is done ‼️ Apologies for me disappearing. Been incredibly busy lately 😭🙏 This took me 25 hours and it reallllyyyyy shouldn't have 💀 not proud of it pfft

I completely agree with this Image

@Zamasuincarnate .3

There's two instead of one just incase someone doesn't read the first one

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Hello I am Fox Guy Foxtail I draw stuff on here and if you want to draw me you can on here you can also ask me questions and you can give me art tips we are really just here to have fun and you can join us to

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