Yᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᴼⁿ ᴬⁱʳ

Here is the Stranger, a Character of mine i did for a Game i plan on doing. Showing off all kind of Pixel Art Drawings i did with him so far, a very trustworthy Stranger for sure =)


Dont expect to Win lol, hope you like it still!

* Yeah, Thats a long Story Lmao.

Also i need to make the Dialouge Head Portraits a bit bigger, they are pretty small tbh...

*So... you want to know the True Reason why i left the Kingdom in the First Place?

*The Reason why I Left the King and Queen to fend off for themselves?

*Let me tell you what happened...

Progress on the CH4 Shopkeeper, Head so far almost finished but there is still some work to be done.

I drew a quick Concept of what a Shopkeeper could be in Chapter 4, this is not final and i may end up scrapping it.

TBH i didnt know what to draw so this was the result.

What you guys think? Good? Needs work? Or completely scrapping?

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Welcome to the DeltaRune: Beyond the Darkness (Television World)!

This Community was made in order to keep DR:BTD alive, made by ZAr0sH/Mike, the Original Community became lost unfortantly...


This is not me trying to take over DR:ByD, it is a dedication to keep it alive. If Mike Returns i will give him the Full Collaborator rights, and/or i will change this to a Backup Community in case Mike gets banned again.

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