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Random question for you all but what you guy's favorite art trade of mine? like art style wise how can you see is mine and etc? bc omfg I can draw in so many styles when I want to sob sob... also have some art so you can maybe tell the ''style'' I guess

I don't know what to post anyways this mf is like 9'5 with the hat so erm I would smash her.,.,., is not like she will smash me with that fucking hammer instead

How I look at my mom when she says I might have something really bad just bc my tummy hurt for 3 hours but it was an apple peel (I think)

OKAY, but I have a better idea for my lore listen up please, I am sorry there is no silly unfinished drawing okay?!?!? god look in the article!! PLS I NEED YOU ALL TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO SOME OCS PLSLPSLPSLPSLP