Dumb Artist The Dumbest Artist Of All

DONE With the Beaver Duck



Hey y’all I’m back from my surgery :3

Help me complete the STALKER collection, he needs from programmers to musicians but if you don't help him you will find out what will happen to you

STALKER (Redesign) #Joltober

Welcome to hell

here are the rules bc why the fuck not?

  1. no tracing art or posting art that does not belong to you (you can post art that does not belong to you but you need to credit the original artist dumb ass)

  2. no rule 34 / NSFW shit you know what can happen when you post it anyways stupid-

  3. no hate (just hate when your mom)

  4. no spamming

  5. maybe bulling it depends? is not like you can get banned from game jolt bc of it lol

  6. and at last be Dumb 😍

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