game_development in Those Nights at Thomas's

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making progress!

(at this point the menu is done)

(models by: @BlueJam i just edited them)

sneak peak of the title screen so far

(yes im using gamemaker studio i just have the gamemaker 8.1 skin on)

(models by @BlueJam i just edited them)

nothing like fixing bugs and glitches eh?

withered golden thomas AI is done

(no this doesn't mean the games finished i have to do night 7 aka the custom night and fixes some bugs and glitches but after i do that then it's done)

it's me...

(model by @BlueJam i just edited it)

so good news i dont think im going to gdevelop since i think i just fixed the glitch with toy thomas' AI so im pretty sure im gonna stick with clickteam

(hopefully but will see)

Withere James and withered Percy AI’s are done

full hallway i'd say

(yes i started work on withered james' AI even though withered percy's AI isn't even done)

(Models by: @BlueJam i just edited them)

random sneak peak i felt like showing off

(models by: @BlueJam i just edited them)

withered thomas' AI is done!

now for withered percy's AI!