Put on a big smile!

Me and this really cool cosplayer

(I'm the projectionist)

John Hawkins - The Lost Record | English Version
The Lost Cycle - is an adventure in an old abandoned animation studio. You play as a lost one who remembers the past cycle.

Yes sir! o7

Henry's Son Chapter 5 teaser!
"You have already made your choice"

play now.
report all bugs you find, and leave suggestions in the comment section of the game page.

i want to warn you guys that the game is currently broken, but will be fixed soon.

controls: left click on stuff to intereact.

Welcome to The Studio!

Ever wanted to share your Bendy fan art, but never knew where? Ever made a Bendy fangame and wanted to promote it? Then, this is the right place for you!

Keep in mind this is unofficial. The Bendy series belongs to Joey Drew Studios.

Community Rules:

  1. Don't steal art! Credit the original artist and don't claim it as yours.

  2. No NSFW of any kind.

  3. No spam posts! Don't make a post about something more than once. (Ex: No posting the same art more than once)

  4. No IP grabbing and/or doxxing. Don't leak people's personal information.

  5. No harassing or bullying others or yourself.

  6. No off-topic posts! Only post things related to the Bendy series.

  7. No advertising other communities! You can advertise your Bendy related creations in the Show & Tell channel, but that's it!

  8. Have fun and enjoy your stay!

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