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It's my bday today! Yay! Very excited today I woke up very early XD

Howdy everyone, sorry for not being on a lot haha, been busy with things but I do have my remix done and waiting for art from a friend, but I also hope everyone is well! ^^

Idk what to post ack. I do hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night/evening and staying safe. I'm decent myself, slept tons and also had some stomach issues but I think I'm ok now.

Idk but saw the FNAF Movie (I won't spoil and I don't want other's to do that as well) I liked it really, watched it with my mom and little brother, we had fun! ^^

Random, but I like when others draw my character, I love the different art styles! Also, you guys can draw him if you like, feel free too! I wouldn't mind, idk sorry lmao. Reference should be the only pin thing, if you decide to draw him! ^^