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It is my bday today!! I am now 19!! ^^ Idk what to do for this day, other than get a bday shiny, hoping for an Eevee cause it's my favorite lmao but yeah rofl

A little late but thanks for 500 followers lmao (I was also planning on doing something but I have nothing sorry-) I love you all, plantonically, though

I might go back a bit of making fnf covers with my characters, idk but yeah, only with covers though-

Happy Spooky Month!! I'll think of something to do for this, pfp wise or something for here and yt, I just don't know yet haha

I don't feel much motivation (?) on working with the mod rn, idk I just don't feel like working on it rn, kinda a fall out of the fnf game. Ik I will go back on it so as of rn, the progress is on hold. Sorry though- I feel a little stupid tbh, doing that.