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A Hard Truth:

We really need to get back to developing our titles on which we've kind of lapsed over the past month!

So, for you, here're our plans.

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Wow! Now we are even closer to a whole new world of entirely-customisable PowerPoint video games!

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Character Model Animator - Official JadeJohnson Games Perfectly Successful Pre Alpha Test Gameplay Showcase:

Soon, PowerPoint-game-characters will finally be able to do so much more than just slide across the screen!

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We're still ironing-out some graphical-conversion-bugs, but...

introducing: "Entity Expedition - Extent Of The Environment", Running On "The JadeJohnson Games Custom Switch Emulator Developer Kit™ — OLED Model — Bradley Cotton Edition"!

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You can now hear the official voice-files for both, the game's intro, and two wrestlers's entrances, by checking the "Game Soundtrack"!