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You wake up In your Bedroom, Starting the day.

Then you realize it's night.

But something seems wrong.

You hear squealing once you get out of bed.

You look behind you, and Three small, Demented Freddy's are sitting there.

Once you flash them with your flashlight, they run away.

You see a Fox Toy in the Closet, but you start looking closer, and you see to the sides, A Demented Foxy. You close the Closet on it, and it Goes away.

Then the Nightmare Started...

#fnaf #fangame #horror #survival #pointnclick #strategy

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed

If your gonna follow this game, at least look at the Devlogs.

So, I haven't shared this yet...

So uh..

Welcome to Your house!

Here, you will... (Drumroll Please)

New Mechanic + Character

who wanna collab with me-

New Mechanic - Vent Door