What do you think?

Well 4 yers later

And It's My Not real release 2025

I want to play, but no is a release

Is this a fan game ?

will it be 32bit or less cos that's all my laptop can run

ok another game about sonic?
i think it will be good

Set 1000 years in the future "Relic" the Last Robot is resurrected from his final resting place to save the planet from a UFO invasion. With aid of an extra-terrestrial companion, can Relic save the planet before its too late?

No More Robots is a story driven side scrolling RPG that puts you in the role of Relic the Last Robot! On the path to save the planet you'll uncover Relic's mysterious past and learn why people fear and outlawed robots. Can Relic redeem himself and his kind by saving the planet before it's too late?

Planned Features

  1. 2D Action RPG Platformmer in the vain of Super Paper Mario

  2. 360 smooth platforming engine

  3. Four way direction in dungeons and towns for 3D depth of exploration within 2D gameplay

  4. Story Driven Gameplay

  5. Realtime Combat with customizable attacks and weapons

  6. Super-Scalar and Mode 7 inspired mini games

Cartoon Violence
Intense Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed

I have setup a Patreon with a blog to show off development of No More Robots.

Check it out for info on my next game and to be my first Patreon and give feedback on No More Robots as it develops!

I've been posting almost daily!

Old No More Robots Level Prototype


Working on No More Robots every chance I get. Can't wait to show off more progress.

Keep spinning