What do you think?

woah this game has some awesome pixel art! I'm interested now haha-

So, this is an RPG. You've caught my attention.

The game's art style reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and I love that! I'm interested to see what this game has in store.

Can't wait!

I love all of the style from this game! I can't wait to see how it evolves even more over time! <3

SOMEWHEN is a retro RPG inspired by Dark Cloud, Dark Chronicle, Chrono Trigger, and Rogue Galaxy. Enjoy dungeon diving, resource gathering, and town building mechanics. In Somewhen, you must help Idyll and company restore a fractured world with an uncertain future using a curious time-travelling train and a little something called the Conductor to rebuild entire towns. Your goal is to quite literally reshape the future by placing homes, trees, and other structures in the present. Rebuild towns using a system like Dark Cloud's while fighting for your future with a battle system reminiscent of Chrono Trigger.

Fight, fish, build, cook, and invent your way through 8 chapters guaranteed with hours of play through a unique dungeon stage system and challenges.
Collect hundreds of items. Migrate special NPCs to your new towns. Invent new weapons and trinkets.

Take world restoration in your own hands.

#rpg #jrpg #townbuilder #retro #adventure #scifi

Mild Cartoon Violence
Alcohol Reference
Mild Language

The party menu screen has to change for the new guy, hahaha!

Aw... He's just adorable.

Al Bhed. Code language. Whatever you call it, you're gonna need 26 different tomes to discover a few secrets by the ancient and robotic, letter by letter. (In this case, A, B, and C were unlocked for the second message.)


Cleaned up some of the cooking scene.


When I set out to make a Dark Cloud-like, I meant it.

There's still a lot of work to do, but what I've got so far works and it works well.

Here's a new attack anim I came up with in my spare time.