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What do you think?

that was the most 2-night demo i have ever seen


fnas 2 if it was better

No way Guys its Fnas 2 XD

troll game kinda fun ngl

i mean beep bop

| Story |

During the events of FNaS 5, Shadow Sonic succeeds at killing Eggman, but ends up causing a paradox, making the timeline reset itself, but something isn't right...

Multiple events happen similarly yet in different ways than before, familiar faces are here alongside new ones, some remains from the past come back and some coming from the wrong worlds.

| Credits |

Director & Artist: @PixelMat

Coder: @Peripherals (Five at Nights Sonic's Troll Game)

Coder: @HeisenbergusS (FNaS 2 DX & FNaS 4 DX)

Coder: @SStatic (FNaS 1 DX & FNaS 3 DX)

Concept Artist: @NoTheNot

Beta Tester: @Ecoripa

Beta Tester: @Inferno_i_guess

FNaS Owner & Creator: @TheCyVap_TC

FNaF Owner & Creator: @realscawthon

| Voice Actors |

--FNaS 2 DX--

Toy Sonic: @Energy_drink

Toy Boshi: @PixelMat

Showstopper Tails: @PieInFace

Scrap Mario: @NoTheNot

Butler Toad: @Ross_K_Foad

Withered Sonic: @Jack_o_Trap_Studi0s

Withered Mario: @NoTheNot

Withered Yoshi: @MegTheLovableDork & @SStatic

Withered Miles: @MegTheLovableDork

???: @oozypigeon

???: @Chrisgamin2075

???: @Jack_o_Trap_Studi0s

???: @JustinGamingX

Phone Guy 1: @JamaldeenKadiri

Phone Guy 2: @Ecoripa

--FNaS 1 DX--

Coming Soon...

--FNaS 5 DX--

Coming Soon...

--FNaS 3 DX--

Coming Soon...

--FNaS 4 DX--

Coming Soon...

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#fnaf #horror #fangame #pointnclick #survival #fnas

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Alcohol Reference
Mild Language

New page redesign, yipe, now here's a deepfried image of Scrap Mario

You may notice this page has become a hub for all the FNaS DX games! This is because we wanted to make a launcher instead of releasing them all separately

We don't have much to show right now, so here's a meme while you wait...

Hey guys, coder of the troll game here.

I think we all know the troll game was really rushed, and some things I wanted to add were cut due to time, so I thought I should talk about all the scrapped content for the troll game (read article).

Triple Trouble