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Fan Art lol


why mario built like a family guy character

Wait lust?

The game don't open


Five Nights at Sonic’s: Discord Collection are recoding of the original Five Nights at Sonic’s games that fixes somethings and adds some stuff to improve the experience of the games but the main thing that is changing is that the characters get replaced by there discord mode designs (however these are not the same as the collection remastered versions these are 2 different designs)


five nights at sonic's 1 discord mode edition: 100 (being recoded)

five nights at sonic's 2 discord mode edition: 0 (Demo: 0)

five nights at sonic's 3 discord mode edition: 0

five nights at sonic's 4 discord mode edition: 0

five nights at sonic's 5 the first chapter discord mode edition: 0

sonic's pizzeria simulator discord mode edition: 0

artist/character poses camera maps and discord mode designs by: @nightmarealex303

pixel artist: @Glitch-demon

coding: @Fnaffan347 (me)

creator of fnas: @TheCyVap

fnas owner and discord mode idea: @SmilerFurcifer (discord mode original from fnas next generation)

sonic’s pizzeria simulator by: @BabsicootGames

sonic owned by: sega and sonic team

mario owned by: Nintendo

fnaf by: @realscawthon

#fnas #fnas2 #fnas3 #fnas4 #fnas5 #fnasDME #fnaf

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed

we be cookin!

(extras menu in fnas 1 dme recoded is almost done)


what do ya guys think of it?

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tails' AI for fnas 1 dme recoded is done which means all the AI's in fnas 1 dme recoded are done

6 am screen in fnas 1 dme recoded is done

she be moving