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I hope the game won't to be a failed or bad like five nights at Freddy's plushies by Lego after the new update

Remember this: If you make a gameplay (all you want, all of you) of this game, i'll release the 2nd game page and 2-night demo of this one...

i dont even know how to play it it literally a zip i dont even know how to use them


i beat the game 11 months later........... sorry i just discorvered it yesterday xD

Is custom night going to have customizable AI?

Disclaimer: This is a fangame of FNaF


For some strange reason, your plushies are trying to harm you, defend yourself from them!

Use your flashlight to make it shine over their eyes, but remember, one of them doesn't likes light, so, better make sure to not flash him.

I hope this has served you, have sweet dreams.


  • @Pelusathedeveloper : Modeller, coder, story designer.

  • @22strezt : Inspiration.

  • GaboCO316, TF541Productions, RobGamings, PurpleFoxy96, Boligonautas, CoolioArt, MangoIseI, GabrielR4N, EnyelC4D: Models.

  • @BubyGamer11 , @thatdoggocalledray : Honorific mention (for helping me with Discord Rich Presence).

  • Scott Cawthon: Creator of the FNaF saga.

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Intense Cartoon Violence
Blood and Gore

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Research at Freddy's is 1 year old now, go and download the anniversary edition.

Visual Update-Current Progress