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What do you think?

skill issue

So when's development starting? Like, coding the game

welcome to my dustfell:the hard mode last Impossible in the game not finished after release on future,maybe...

When the game never finished,also the my game is also 7 follower...

WHat is this game???

The newest version also...people,everyone & human.i introduction my newest Logo


DustFell:Hard mode last impossible

in facts...the game not finished & other collaborator wont invite my game...

The true is...People make fanart but....not even finished


{@TheDrawGamer - Owner,Main sprite,Thumbnail maker,writer}

{@JL_M - Musicians (he's back)}

{@borisbendy - Play Tester}

{help wanted to be another sprite}

{Help wanted to make coder!}

{Help wanted to another coder}

{Help Wanted Good Ost Video Maker :)}

{Help wanted to be spriter & story panel}


Q:why do your steal the game???

A:cause...the name is Dustfell hard mode leak version...the leak means not finished... i know your steal something...

Q:when...your have discord

A:wait 100 years

Q:can i play test the game?

A:wait 100 years

Q:who is lom?

A:stfu about lom,find lom!!! lmao

Q:how game does finished

A:wait 1 year

so uhh the game never finished yet until future

so good luck people #fangame #other #undertale #rpg

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Alcohol Reference
Strong Language

my newest thumbnail on my game

i think the game release in the future ._.

Guys TheDrawGamer here, so i got ejected from df community for reason but...i have news for update guys

maybe...i try later for reason!!!

i really do my best for become stronger!!! on gamemaker server i will be there