share creation you got, mate!

Well, goodbye y'all...

it's been great and fun in 2022 or 2023...

and this year, i decided to taking an long break before June... 😪

so, i'mma just working my fanart collab or even more silly characters... fell like i'm drawing character 100+ times smh...

I'll got one, mate! :D

playing Slap Battles is killin' me rn... (Pt1)

looks like this website is downfall something....

idk what happened?

so...i'ma talk about what happened this website...


welcome to DrawGamer



🤙my community : will be updated stuff soon as well...🥟

💻my account: Maybe i need to edit profile & also the social media📝

----------Social Media-----------

youtube: _A_Dumb_TheDrawGamer_ - YouTube



------❗rules & Important🚫-----

  1. No NSFW (in india, they banned NSFW Just Bc there reason of Sexual content..)🔞

  2. If your 18+? It's fine but...remember,no NSFW🚫😠

  3. No spamming & Scamming (Spamming & scamming is pretty like spamton,but...just spamming on discord or something...)😐

  4. No thief & No copy the image (stealing image isn't cool but...give permission to creator first) but...just stole some image from background only🤪

  5. No Bullied,Insult & Harasshing (Harasshing & insult is not allowed in this community. & the bullied? [bullied like insulting people,mad any someone bullied]😤

  6. No Racist/racism (if your know racist? racist is when you are like uhh...Exposed or something....?


    if someone break the law? i want report & unfollow your😠

Report A community for almost 2 years