Post this community (if your want & also im dumb)

Ah yes,He kelt his smile Sprite is finished

@dizle here you go,The sprite is almost finished 👌

Random thing i made

i making scrambo, Again...

Bob Velseb is imposter

Pasta night with my friends

welcome to Draw Gamer fangroup


🤙my community : will be updated stuff soon as well...🤙

💻my account: Maybe i need to edit profile & also the social media🖱

----------Social Media-----------

youtube: _A_Dumb_TheDrawGamer_ - YouTube



-------rules & Important--------

  1. No NSFW (in india, they banned NSFW Bc everyone cant see the NSFW things...)

  2. No spamming & Scamming (Spamming & scamming is uncool but...just spamming on discord or something...)

  3. No thief & No copy the image (stealing image isn't cool but...give permission to creator first)

  4. No Bullied,Insult & Harasshing (Harasshing & insult is not allowed in this community. & the bullied. [bullied like insulting people,mad any someone bullied]

  5. No Racist/racism comment/shout (racism is the madness, people who the racist


    if someone break the law? i want report & unfollow your

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