What do you think?

I really love this game. It was really fun to play as all the different characters. Shadow is hands down my favorite. I do have some problems with it though. firstly when classic sonic runs up a slope he goes straight up and he can't make it unless he uses the drop dash or spin dash. And the radar for Knuckles is the opposite. (it should be green = your getting near, yellow = your closer, Red = your really close to it.) And lastly I feel that Sonic's boost runs out a little to quickly. But over all an amazing fan game, keep up the good work.

how do I full screen

This game looks so cool I need to play this but I have an android so can u make this game for Android that would be fantastic

who i can select the mision mode?

This is cool but uh, how do I get Mario?

A sonic advance style fangame aiming to deliver a fun experience for all!

Race and battle with friends with a wide array of characters like Sonic, Amy, Silver and even Mario! #multiplayer #platformer

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

Still getting follows?!

Thanks for the support, i am genuinely grateful to have made such a well received game, but im too busy to actively development again. Fun!

Here is a concept doodle of what Zone 2: Barrier Town wouldve looked like in 2.0 as a treat

Apparently i never uploaded 1.4 to the gamejolt, i have updated the game page, you can now play the latest public release for the fangame, which is 1.4

I would also like to say, the fangame now has twitter. If you want to follow the progress of the game but want a more convenient way of doing so, follow the twitter.

We at Pumpkin Hill (again), you ready? This zone really needed a touchup, so i gave it just that!

Heyo yellow! I have went ahead and made a new discord server for the fangame, if you want to give direct feedback to the game and have a discord, feel free to join.