What do you think?

the game is good but wtf sonic.exe and tails kiss

game is REALLY good! I love it!!! Parasite is something i am obessed with


dang why is the game canceled? it was going soo good BUT this month im making my own sonic.exe game i will give you a shout out in the description of my game soo yea if some people will wonna visit my game i will come back when i think of a name and if its on the gamejolt page and people can visit my game

A very different approach to the Sonic.EXE genre, AND in chapters. This is a good comeback from Revenge of Exevil. Keep it up!

Game Soundtrack

3 songs

A new Danger is unleashed it's up to you to survive this nightmare with Exevil.

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Realistic Bloodshed

Give it time. Good luck!.

New Story is in Work, Dont think i forget about this, Im taking my time, No Games for Now, Maybe in Future, The Story of The Parasite will be improved with a new concept like i said.

So, Dont wait im making a Game cuz im not doing it.

So, This Page and this Game Version is Officialy not Original Story, (Devy Version is not Official or Canon too), oh, And Devy is not working on TP Reformed anymore, so Dont wait another Demo from that Game, That Story is so wrong, Im improving that now.

Hey, long time huh?, well im here to say something about this Game Version.

This Version is not Canon or Official to My New Version of Parasite, Thats right, Im working in a New And Better version of This Story right now, Probably this return in future.

Have you ever wondered if something can be created out of nothing?