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Rhythm Prism: Community Mix

For the longest time, Rhythm Prism: Community Mix has been the best rhythm game ever made using Scratch. It features very cool stuff, such as lightshows during gameplay (like in Beat Saber), Quick Play mode (where up to four people can take turns playing on the same device), a level editor, and a brand-new campaign mode called, “Prismatica.”

How to play

  • Catch notes with the corresponding keys

  • Hold on the corresponding keys to catch long notes

  • A play with no misses is a perfect combo


  • Left or right keys to navigate the menu

  • P to pause

If you get bored with the game at any time, there are other stuff you can try! For example, if you want to play the Campaign mode, just click the arcade screen in the main menu that says “Prismatica.”

Level editor

Welcome to the long-awaited new feature where the developers hand their control over to the community! Make your own levels using the level editor and share them with the world! This project inspired the level editor:

Editor controls

  • Click a square to place a note there

  • Click a square containing a note to remove the note

  • Hold on an existing note to make it a hold note

  • Up or down keys to navigate the beatmap

  • J to jump to a beat

  • Hold Q and press M to open the editor preview

Please note

You cannot upload your own songs, you will have to use the ones featured in-game.

Prismatica: A Rhythm Prism Adventure

The people of Prismatica need your help recovering some crystals that a mysterious supervillain has stolen! Similar to the campaign mode in Rhythm Prism 3, but better.

Campaign controls

Arrow keys or WASD to navigate the map

Quick Play

The classic Rhythm Prism with a twist! Up to four people can join the fun!

The way it works

If you are playing with two or more players, decide who will go second (the user in control of navigation always goes first). A random song will be selected under the chosen difficulty level, and players will take turns playing the song, and at the end, the player with the most score will be crowned the winner!


Notes and Credits

Ever since the release of Rhythm Prism 3, I’ve said over and over again that I would not make another rhythm game, but it’s always coming back to me for some reason! This project was first meant as a filler while I worked on Right Side City, and now it’s turned into the best rhythm game ever made on Scratch and I’m only 12! (I was 12 when I made the game, my 13th birthday came a month after this was released.) The credits are in the game (press 'help' in the main menu). Have fun! #multiplayer #arcade #rhythm #3D #adventure

This was made for the purpose of entertainment, NOT to infringe on anyone rights, so sue me, why don't you!

I might add new awesome features every now and then, btw. Anyways, enjoy!


Featuring a brand-new practice mode, a better saving/loading system, and a new mode in singleplayer Quick Play called "Quick Mix," the first-ever event for Rhythm Prism: Community Mix has been unlocked as part of v1.6.0: Request Line!

With V1.5.1, a lot of bugs were troubleshooted and fixed!

Sorry that V1.5.0 took so long to come - processor issues. But it's online now! :) (Please note that custom songs will take longer to load than official songs.)

Version 1.5.0 features custom songs! Finally!

Coming September 15!

(delayed because of processor issues)

Version v1.4.0 features leaderboards for each official beatmap AND the campaign mode Prismatica! I really didn't want to temporarily stop development for Right Side City 2, but it had to be done at some point.