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What do you think?

ain't no way ur doing the fannon dust dust


Looks cool

Change Name "Dustdust last Dumb#########" to "DustDust: Last Powdered"

Will this game have a Android Port?

Hello guy's its been 2 months after like that so....i have some new's

So...what the game??? the newest version!!! maybe soon


the old one never finished maybe...another new!!!

The old one - means i post dustdust last powder phase 1-3 like 1 month ago

The new one - coming soon after i post

maybe people intstead make logo i give your some {{kromers}}

LOGO by me


idk how i takes for me...*sigh* maybe i can some more trophies


Q:so....can i test in your game???

A:wait 100 years

Q:i want to be moderator or collaborator???

A:wait 100 years

Q: can i make new logo

A:sure please keep going on my sprite

Q:can i have your discord

A:wait 100 years

Q:so....this is offline or online???


Q:can i make music

A:sure if your make a music,then send me or upload my game

Q:can i make battle,dustdust sans sprite????

A:yeah sure make dustdust sans sprite & battle sprite

Q:your have community???

A:maybe i have one my name on community is berdlyGaming345_YT456 (gamejolt community)

Q:your have announcement???

A: yeah but... i only keep 1 month or 2

well....that's all but....keep all my sprite if your finish my sprite then,send me on my profile,ok???

what your waiting for make sprite or music!!!

Good Luck,Everyone!!!

#fangame #undertale #arcade #rpg

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Realistic Bloodshed
Drug Reference
Tobacco Reference
Strong Language
Comical Shenanigans
Simulated Gambling

We're Not Dead,We Just Making new Version of DustDust last nightmare Phase 1 & added some few emotes!!

alright,here i made thumbnail for DustDust Lst Nightmare i made

so...yeah,im gonna making thumbnail for my friends

Dustdust last Nightmare

Sneak peak #3 Phase 2.5 & 3 (a bloody/violence design)

Sneak peak #2

phase 1.5 & 2 preview

Dustdust Last Nightmare

Phase 1 preview sneak peek #1