Quest of Onzo

2 months ago

Actually here's a different idea: What if I just make the whole bone pile a solid ground? That would make sense right?

(And sorry if I posted a bit too much today but I really care about your feedback.)




Next up

Enough fighting. It's time to rest under the sealed flower.

The background theme of Banished Crypt, where every traitor meets their pathetic fate.

(Volume warning. I guess I forgot to adjust the mastering.)

Wanna listen to the full version? Why not check the game's page then?

POV: You're back in 2012.

I was trying to make a bloom shader but turned the whole thing into a horror game I guess.

WOOOO let's gooo my first monee from game development!!! I know it's not much but this is a memorable moment.

A world filled with dark magic might get you overwhelmed sometimes. So make sure to rest under a sealed flower and listen to its desperate lullaby.

Still playing around with html and css.

Answer to @Xalo2Turtle

(epic watermark because I don't have a video editor in this pc)

(also volume warning)

Throwback to my 2020 fnaf fan game phase.

A new game I made for My First Game Jam: Winter 2023, where you kill your regrets and mistakes in your afterlife.

Wanna check it out?