Quest of Onzo

2 months ago

I revamped the entrance of the dungeon. Now you can see roots hanging from the ceiling and the bones of wizards thrown here before you. Lovely!



Next up

The background theme of Banished Crypt, where every traitor meets their pathetic fate.

(Volume warning. I guess I forgot to adjust the mastering.)

Wanna listen to the full version? Why not check the game's page then?

"Sentinel's Teachings".

Enough fighting. It's time to rest under the sealed flower.

We hosted a party during the Game Developers Conference this year and invited devs to bring their games and friends! 3,000 people showed up to the Indie Carnival by Game Jolt + Yahaha party! Woohooo

Still playing around with html and css.

Set up Game Jolt’s Indie Carnival party with us in San Francisco!

POV: You're back in 2012.

I added some flavour to the crystal hearts! (Look at top left) First one is the new version, second is the old. Everything looks better when it's animated.

Purple Night 💜🌌

I was trying to make a bloom shader but turned the whole thing into a horror game I guess.