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For some reason I thought it was "Quest of Qonzo" until just now 💀

what an amazing game! Hi mi thomas parra I would love to participate in its soundtrack.

here is my portfolio

if you are interested please write to

cant wait to play

is quest of onzo will have a boss fight?

This looks like it's going to be a great platformer! Keep up the work 👍

Game Soundtrack

2 songs

Banished Crypt

Onzo is a wizard who has been accused as a traitor by the king of Manamor and thrown into the forgotten ruins of the kingdom, where rotten wizards are possessed by unquenchable magic.

Play as Onzo and discover the forsaken civilization under the surface of Manamor. Defeat bosses, unlock chests, get different magic weapons, gain new abilities and open new areas. Try to find your way out of the ruins and prove that you are not a traitor to the whole kingdom.



  • Different bosses with unique AI's and treasures. (Treasures include abilities such as wall sliding, dash, double jump etc.)

  • A huge world with different areas to explore.

  • Randomly generated loots which drop from the chests.

  • Lots of magic weapons with unique abilities. You can equip up to 3 weapons.

  • Game Jolt achievements. (Or a local achievement system.)

  • A painful amount of platforming.



@Misticloud - Director | Programmer | Pixel Artist | Writer | Composer

#action #adventure #metroidvania #platformer #rpg #retro #gameboy

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Simulated Gambling

A world filled with dark magic might get you overwhelmed sometimes. So make sure to rest under a sealed flower and listen to its desperate lullaby.


The background theme of Banished Crypt, where every traitor meets their pathetic fate.

(Volume warning. I guess I forgot to adjust the mastering.)

Wanna listen to the full version? Why not check the game's page then?

Enough fighting. It's time to rest under the sealed flower.

Actually here's a different idea: What if I just make the whole bone pile a solid ground? That would make sense right?

(And sorry if I posted a bit too much today but I really care about your feedback.)


Since the player is hard to see in these background tiles, which solution do you think works better?
(Original image with no applied solution in the article.)

First image - Player outline
Second image - Less contrasted background tiles

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