Quest of Onzo

2 months ago

Enough fighting. It's time to rest under the sealed flower.



Next up

I'll make the server public and start choosing volunteers for beta testing once the game reaches 30 followers. But until then we'll have to wait.

WOOOO let's gooo my first monee from game development!!! I know it's not much but this is a memorable moment.

A world filled with dark magic might get you overwhelmed sometimes. So make sure to rest under a sealed flower and listen to its desperate lullaby.

We hosted a party during the Game Developers Conference this year and invited devs to bring their games and friends! 3,000 people showed up to the Indie Carnival by Game Jolt + Yahaha party! Woohooo

Answer to @Xalo2Turtle

(epic watermark because I don't have a video editor in this pc)

(also volume warning)

Set up Game Jolt’s Indie Carnival party with us in San Francisco!

Sentinel and Onzo concept sketch I drew while I was at school.

I revamped the entrance of the dungeon. Now you can see roots hanging from the ceiling and the bones of wizards thrown here before you. Lovely!

Purple Night 💜🌌

I added some flavour to the crystal hearts! (Look at top left) First one is the new version, second is the old. Everything looks better when it's animated.