Quest of Onzo

5 months ago

Enough fighting. It's time to rest under the sealed flower.



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(Don't look at the second image unless you want to burn your eyes.)

"Sentinel's Teachings".

Even more website stuff

🥳 Happy #WIPWednesday! 🥳

Are you developing a game? Making music? Painting? Drawing?

Whatever it is you're working on, celebrate it with your fellow Jolters in the comments!

I revamped the entrance of the dungeon. Now you can see roots hanging from the ceiling and the bones of wizards thrown here before you. Lovely!

No matter how gray your day might be, spending it with the right person can bring all the colors back to your world.

I was trying to make a bloom shader but turned the whole thing into a horror game I guess.

POV: You're back in 2012.

Handle with Care! Made for LD53 >:)

play here ->

Throwback to my 2020 fnaf fan game phase.