1 year ago

Apart from DEMO updates, the next big release is....THE FULLVERSION!! We hope to have an early full game in the end of 2024 (Next year!)

Silver Demo Update 1 - Will be added in the end of May!

Stay tuned for more!




Next up

Sorry for the radio silence! We're working for different events, increasing our playtest effort as well as marketing strategies alot lately! Robin is also going to Nordic Game Jam 2024 to attend some talks, network and meet other cool game devs!

Finally the epic DLC of Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree has dropped! Are you hyped? Have you started it already?

(Please try to avoid spoilers in this community) 👑

#EldenRing #ShadowOfTheErdtree #eldenringdlc

A custom time control system for #UnrealEngine. Footage shows all time slowed down, then later only Enemy & Environment time slow being toggled.

Time can be categorized and put into a hierarchy for an unlimited level of control. #gamedev

Having fun debugging bullet impacts to dynamically change VFX and SFX based on the surface. 🎯💥

Turn on 🔊

#GameDev #UnrealEngine #IndieGameDev #LoboGame

We've just applied to gamehabitat Haven, a game studio startup program 😇 Wish us good luck and for us to be accepted! Were still a free time studio/project. But looking to change this soon with further development/release of One More Experiment.

The weapon used to clip into walls. This is not intentional. We added a spring arm to make the weapon fall back some as the camera closes in on walls etc. https://youtu.be/0JrJp8tw7eA?si=60wCHuyzxRYl25Ak DEMO 4 will come up in a few months! #OneMoreExperiment_Game

the curtains of reality

Once again sorry for the lack of updates. Robin is struggling with some personal stuff currently.

Despite the lack of updates, we're applying to two programs, one for starting your own games studio, and the other ones is Swedish Game Awards (MORE BELOW)