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Once again sorry for the lack of updates but alot of fun and important things are happening.

First of all I applied to The Game Studio Program, a course where you learn everything you need to know to start and run a game studio.


Nordic Game Jam was amazing! Alot of interesting talks, lots of fun activites (like LEGO building!), so many creative people and as many as 96 games were created!

Feel free to check out a video I made of the event:…


Nordic Game Jam 2024
Nordic Game Jam 2024

LEVEL 1 - Video Playthrough of the upcoming DEMO 4.

(SPOILER ALERT!). The first level acts as a tutorial to learn the main mechanics and puzzle objects in the game!

New demo will come up in some month or two!

Stay tuned!…

LEVEL 1 - VIDEO PLAYTHROUGH (DEMO 4)LATEST RELEASE: 2.12.2------------------------------Control fire and water. Use elements, switches and the environment to...

Sorry for the radio silence! We're working for different events, increasing our playtest effort as well as marketing strategies alot lately!

Robin is also going to Nordic Game Jam 2024 to attend some talks, network and meet other cool game devs!