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Art trade with @ZeusSushi !



Next up

Older doodle of Jerryand Caithlinplaying around in the wild!

Big Run is almost over... but I had fun! Made a quick doodle featuring my Salmon Run OCs What are your golden egg scores?

Anyone played Cat Quest before?

(My submission for this week's Art Weeklies under the theme "Cat-related games"!)

fried egg

Drew some sketches

I should draw my OCs more often

YOOOOOO! My first Premium sticker pack is live!

Check out these dope animated GJ stickers!

An Overview of Uni-City (OC content)

Do you see my avatar frame right there? And the background of this post? All of those could be yours... And more! My CREATOR SHOP is now OPEN!!

Break room window.

I wish this is what I saw out my window everyday instead of a parking lot.

I hope in time we can learn so much more about space. I’m terrified of it (theory of relativity esp) but, I WANT to know. What’s out there???

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