POPGOES Evergreen

2 months ago

@turntail secretly worked with E.Breddy to get this huge custom desk mat made for my birthday! It could easily be mistaken for an official product (though it will never be one...)

This brand new render is now the game's banner on Twitter and Game Jolt!



Next up

six years later and i still get DMs like this almost every day

Good and bad news.

Bad news: The Halloween pin set is gone, forever. Thank you to those who pre-ordered!

Good news: POPGOES Arcade is having its biggest discount ever, -35% ($3.24). We actually can't make it any cheaper than this.

POPGOES fanart showcase for this week! Check these out! (24/11)

Sources for all four of these, and A NEW POPGOES STICKER... is in the article!


A guide on how to place Charged Stickers and get POPGOES stickers on Game Jolt!

Youtooz has released a brand new look at the upcoming Sitting Popgoes plushie! With the bright/white eyes!!

He looks amazing. And he'll prooobably be available to pre-order next month. I'll keep you all updated!

#fnaf #popgoes #youtooz

The Freezer

"but how do we make the help wanted 2 poster thematically different from the help wanted 1 poster?"

genius steel wool employee:

And here's the very... SECOND draft of Popgoes the Weasel's head model for POPGOES Evergreen, by @SmashingRenders

It was still a ways off from how he looks in his final design!

🎮 Console & Gadgets Collectibles Are Here! 🎮

This collection includes stickers, backgrounds, and avatar frames inspired by our favorite tech.

You can see them all in the article!

Less than a day left to get POPGOES Arcade at the record-breaking low price of $3.24 / £2.59 / €2.59.

The price can't get lower than this! So if you haven't played the highest rated FNAF game on Steam yet... don't miss out!