Bad Boro
6 months ago

Beating up health conscious gangsters in the rain



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More Graffiti assets that you'll find in Bad Boro!

Try the Bad Boro beta! We're looking for feedback on our combat mechanics. Join our discord to play: https://discord.com/invite/kx775yS

Quick look at the updated uppercut and how to weave it into your combo

The Bunny Graveyard: Progress Report

[February 2023]

The Bad Boro: Prologue is nearing release! Come help the beta testing going on in our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kx775yS

Juice box...

Bad Boro is now open beta testing! Join our discord to sign up https://discord.com/invite/kx775yS

Come join the beta test. And try not find yourself in this spot (we've made 'em a lot more aggressive)

Today's sock puppets are HERE!

As in yesterday's post, swipe left for each individual puppet and click in [Read article] for the full info on these six socky fellas:

Round 2 - will an extra mobster turn the tide?