4 months ago

Been busy making cakes that have nothing to do with GJ, but figured I'd share anyway. If nothing else, it will take some of you back to your Paw Patrol days :)



Next up

#myfavoritegame (or games) would be smash bros. I like them all, some more than others...

Found the sign used in the opening of The Office, so had to take a pic with the fam. Did you know it’s the real scranton sign and it was taken down and moved to the Steamtown mall cause too many people were stopping on the side of the road to take pics?

We just finished the Netflix series and had to bust out my One Piece cook book. Made the fried rice for Gin. Very tasty 😋

Help us welcome @ElPichon to THE SHOP! They've just dropped ANIMATED frames, stickers and backgrounds for all of you to wear on Game Jolt!

More bears on the move. You can tell autumn is coming when you see them more often. This was a good size one. See the tag in its ear?

Here we go!

(and yes, I gave him booty cheeks!)

You can tip with charged stickers please!

This made me laugh and laugh!

Unown wanted to come out and play!

some more of the fnaf characters I did many years ago. I miss doing these figures. these were edible cake toppers

Got the first dlc and having a good time with it. I caught one new Pokémon and used it as my starter. Makes it harder than just murdering everyone with my 100 level pokemon I’ve already got, but it is fun! (Team Yanma all the way lol)