2 months ago

Doom updates if your are interested. You guessed it, more sanding. I have some big blending things I want to fix before the detail sanding then paint.



Next up

It’s all fun and games until your parents are coming and you have to clean. We had a death in the family and I’ve been derailed a bit.

WIP BD-1 prop and display model, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

3D printed cloud shelves with check out isle Mario figures. The scene is reconfigurable for fun. They are printed in white PLA and unpainted.


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It’s my spawn date. 0 to Creator in a year. What a long strange trip it’s been!

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The periscope isn’t finished but it’s going on stage.

Today is the day! R4 goes on stage.

Nintendo is showing off 10 minutes of #TearsOfTheKingdom footage today!

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She was a hit!