2 months ago

felt like exploding him.



Next up

To go along with my Mario.

Since a lot of people liked him I made some Images if anyone want to use them for anything.

Un-Rendered Mario stuff.

To Be Beautiful

Raphael The Raven in his natural habitat.

Rendered in Blender Cycles

Springtrap knows about his fanart

YouTube version: https://youtu.be/cGGOQGCqnO0

Raphael The Raven. Hope you like this guy, he is a funky fellow.

Mario Render. Thanks for 800 followers, here's to 1K!

Sorry I havent been active on progress with this game much! However its good news... Ive been working on New Managment! heres jack, a character I made for the game. New Managment is sure to give me a passive budget to spend on my own games... hype!

A little thing I made to go in tandem with the new Garfield movie coming out next year. They are both orange cats. I doubt most people on here will recognize him.