2 months ago

Gray Knight, from Castle Crashers, #lowpoly-fied

Made in Crocotile 3D by me. Palette used is Rosy 42.

"I'm turning up the graphics settings once and for all!"

I bet you didn't expect a low poly model that isn't related to CrocoJam, did you?

But yeah, lately I've been getting an urge to make a low poly model again, considering it's been a long while since i've consistenly made one, and with the current trend where I make fanarts/demakes/etc of games, I decided to revisit a game I've covered before, which is Castle Crashers! The Gray Knight, specifically

This is actually my first time modelling a character in 3D, it took a while but I'm happy with the results... I also followed the style that old 3D games used to make their characters in, which is make limbs separated one from the other, and then joined them together, it might be noticeable with the front leg

I want to make more low poly models, so we'll see how that goes out

Until later!