3 months ago

Hisuian Goodra for #DragonDay !

I may be a bit biased towards snails ;3



Next up

I did not forget the land!

Late anniversary drawing for Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

Another page of my adult coloring book!

(Which was completed last week)

I'll post the other drawings for it as time goes ;3

: Hey guys! I stole Klaus' phone!! : And how are you gonna unlock it? I'll wait... : Eh, I can probably shock it a lil to make it talk. : OH, let's take over his socials! : SHADOW GANG TAKEOVER!! LET'S GOOOOO

This week's #FanArtFriday celebrates Pokémon...with guns!?

Complete the quest and you'll get a Pokémon sticker pack!

Since Easter is around the corner, I wish yall happy egg hunting!

Here's another drawing from the coloring book I mentioned earlier!

Submission for Art Weeklies 4/5/2024. Theme chosen: Elements of Nature.

... I literally just threw this together, 'cause I panicked when I realized I hadn't made anything for the last themes. LOL Started in greyscale to paint faster.

: Clip Studio Paint

From Winter to Spring

Deli Disco, Dance through Fashion

Hornet and Hollow Knight - Hollow Knight

A few years ago I made EVERY Hollow Knight charm (minus variants) into buttons!

I want to use them again someday, but Idk how yet...