Pocket Winsdow's (Official)

4 months ago


Finally, I got to remodel the NomNoms and made another menu ALT with them meanwhile ^^
Much more cool stuff coming soon!

Thank you all so much for the amazing support!




Next up

Hiya everyone! I'm hyped!

"At the END of the LIFE" is our new comic series that we're working on, this story happens after Pocket Winsdow's and expands the universe a lot more.

We'll be posting pages every now and then, so keep an eye out for it!

- Izuwii

Hiya guys! Been working on some previews and art for items in game!

Here's a first look at how "boxes" will open! (Of course the ones you buy are mystery and not obvious, unless you have them available to collect, like the one in the video)


20 years of silly existance. It's my birthday today ^w^

🚨 Big news🚨 @matthewlillard aka William Afton from the FNaF movie will be livestreaming on Game Jolt to answer YOUR questions!

Join the stream on June 9th at 11 am Pacific / 2pm Eastern. Got somethin' to ask? Add it in the comments below! #gjbroadcast


We finally decided how the Pocket Winsdow's menus should play out in terms of animations and design and we got to a pretty cool conclusion!

The menu has % chance of switching to different set-ups and quotes every time you open the game ^w^


Our friends at @steelwoolstudios released Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted four years ago today! What do you 💖 about Help Wanted? Tell us in the comments!

Hiya everyone!

Today I'm just passing by to show you this nice cover we made for the Pocket Winsdow's OST!

But as it stands now, this cover brings more than just an aesthetic, something really cool is coming, but I can't speak about it just yet ;D


Hiya everyone!

The other day I recycled a not used old drawing and made this image inspired on this other old image I found on somewhere ^^

We're still working on new stuff, been very busy recently, sorry for the lack of posts ;w;


Bondee's Barnyard: Goodnight

"A coin here and another one right there! Make every single one count!"

Welcome Jewel!! She's here to grab your tips and help with general tasks! ^w^