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Never let yourself be taken hold by them.

Inspired by an art made by "Milka" that resembles a scene of MKDM.

Here's page 1 of our adventure!

The whole series will be slowly posted in order at webtoon soon.

If you have trouble reading open up the post or get the image on a new tab and zoom in :3

Thank you all for the amazing support overtime!

Hiya everyone! I'm hyped!

"At the END of the LIFE" is our new comic series that we're working on, this story happens after Pocket Winsdow's and expands the universe a lot more.

We'll be posting pages every now and then, so keep an eye out for it!

- Izuwii

20 years of silly existance.
It's my birthday today ^w^

Guess who's back? Back Again!

Sorry for taking so long to post lately, but I'm working on something big for you guys ^w^

You'll get more details soon!
(This is a W.I.P. btw)