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THE DEMO IS OUT! Go give it a try!
For all things have fun!

Beta DEMO Coming soon!

In a few days i will share a demo of this supportive game called WS!, this demo is in a beta version, which means the full game will arrive with a few changes that the demo doesn't have or the arts beign remade for the full version

Hiya everyone! Just updated my profile to fit the next updates

Anyway, question for you all, would you like for me to bring back sketches showing the progress of the arts I'm working on?
Or do you prefer only getting the fully finished versions?

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Hiya everyone!
Found these folks in my basement-
Here's a little work in progress, I'm back on the grind :)

Thank you to everyone supporting me even in my absence, means a lot, been cooking!


Hiya everyone!

Back to structuring the Pocket Winsdow's menus & others!
For this one we tried it in a few colors and these two looked the best, but now we can't decide ;w;

Which one you think is the best?

Ps: Waddle's happy to see you again!

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